The best trial lawyers are the ones who try cases and win.

A forum of lawyers who know how to win at trial.

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About Verdict Stars

We celebrate lawyers who win at trial.

We are the first and only forum of trial lawyers whose membership is based exclusively on winning at trial.  While there's nothing wrong with settling a case, and sometimes that's the best result, special recognition should be given to lawyers who try cases and win.  Let's face it, winning at trial is hard.  We want to recognize those special lawyers who can take a case all the way to trial and win.

Because winning at trial is a big accomplishment.

We recognize that winning at trial takes time, skill, money, patience, know-how and dedication. Trying a case is a risky endeavor -- we know, we've been there. That's why we have chosen the three rarest and most valuable gemstones in the world, the Emerald, the Blue Diamond and the Red Diamond, to symbolize the strength, skill and hard work it takes to win at trial.

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Our motto: Justitia et Victoria

Become a member of the world’s most elite trial lawyers.

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The best trial lawyers are the ones who can win at trial.

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Adjusters, defense lawyers and clients pay attention to lawyers who win at trial.

When you join Verdict Stars, you are joining a group of the world’s best trial lawyers.  Most personal injury lawyers don’t try cases.  And most people don’t know which lawyers can try cases from the ones who cannot.

Other personal injury lawyer forums include settlements when determining eligibility.  While settlements are often the best decision, we have chosen to make eligibility based exclusively on whether the lawyer actually can try the personal injury case.  We believe that makes Verdict Stars the world’s most elite trial lawyer forum.

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